Style Guide

Family photos are a beautiful time to tell the story that is your life together. You want that “This is Us” moment when you’re viewing them for the first time, hanging them on your wall and sharing them. The last thing you want is to be stressed about how everyone looks and how on earth you are going to do it! Follow these 5 tips below to successfully style your family for your next shoot!

find an inspiration piece

Maybe it’s an adorable baby sweater, the perfect flowing dress, a shirt your significant other would look great in, it can even be a great pair of shoes or hat! Pull colors from those pieces, or choose complementary tones to style the rest of your family and set the feel and style for the photos.

shoot for complementary not matchy, matchy

Ok everyone has seen the photos where the whole family is wearing white t-shirts and jeans. Maybe they were even stacked like a cute family pyramid? Just kidding... Kind of, but awkward family photos are a thing of the past. Allow everyone's personalities to shine through by dressing in a common color scheme, and theme (think seasonally appropriate) but not the same exact outfit. This will bring so much more character to your family's already amazing candid shots.

keep the bold patterns to a minimum

Bold patterns can be fun and eye catching but if the whole family is in one it can distract from that perfect shot where happy faces are the focal point. If bold and colorful is a must for any member, make that bold or bright article of clothing the inspiration piece. Style the rest of the family around it balancing out the shot with softer styles within the same color family on the other members. And shoot for pairing bold pieces with solid colors or softer patterns.

add texture!

Play with fabrics, think cable knits, lace, denim, velvet, satin - you get the idea. Have fun pairing different textures of fabrics together to spice up the shoot and color scheme. This is my favorite way to add character to neutral color pallets and those dreamy newborn shoots.

dress up, or don't

Family photos can be a super fun time to dress up a little - breaking out the fun dresses and little bow ties. Just make sure the little details aren’t too distracting for already anxious toddlers or dress so out of the norm that everyone is uncomfortable. Comfort is key to showcasing your family in their best light, so a dressed up casual can be just as perfect too! Keep in mind the time of year and the setting whatever route you choose so you can be prepared for changing weather and different terrain.

In Short:

Limit patterns (flannel or floral) to one person, & have the others wear solid colors that complement it.

DO wear: neutral color palettes, warm, earthy tones, textures (knit sweaters, linen dresses, denim jackets, etc.)

DON'T wear: clashing patterns, bright vibrant colors, logos, branding, or graphics, and don't have everyone

match exactly (white shirt, blue jeans)